PVC & Vinyl Fencing & Railings

white PVC fencing

Vinyl fencing is a popular alternative to traditional wood or rails.  Although it can be a more costly solution, vinyl fencing pays for itself over time because of its durability to the coastal elements and its low maintenance features.  Made of hard, flexible material, it will not splinter, split, warp or rot.  As an Outer Banks fence contractor, we can tell you that this proves to be the best choice for our area.  We also can upgrade your porch and step railings with this low maintenance solution.

Vinyl fencing and railings come in a variety of heights, widths, colors and decorative styles.

Aluminum & Decorative Fencing

Aluminum decorative fence

Aluminum fencing is a cost effective choice to steel and iron fences.  Aluminum fences will never rust and is almost as strong at steel fencing.  Requiring hardly any maintenance, you will not have to worry about rust and discoloration.  Aluminum fencing is generally used for a more decorative style fence.  With numerous kinds of ornamental styles, colors, textures and variations, aluminum fencing provides a perfect ambiance to your yard or structure.

As an Outer Banks fence contractor, I can help you choose the perfect aluminum fencing solution. 

Custom Wood Fencing


Traditional and classic, wood fencing is flexible and can be custom designed and installed to any size.  Generally installed for privacy and decorative purposes, wood fencing provides the most affordable fence solution. Typical types of wood for fences are red, cedar and pressure treated.  Wood fencing requires more maintenance than other applications.  Coming in a range of heights and panel widths, we can ensure you a proper fit.  

As an Outer Banks fence contractor, we can help you choose a wood fencing product specific for your needs.